Inspiration Helferleins / Little Helpers

Holzreste verschraubt

"Inspiration little helpers" is part of the European Sculpture Path

The sculpture "Helferleins" represents human interaction.

The figures flow into each other at the arms and form a ring as a symbol for the cycle of give and take.

They represent empathy and caring and reject egoism, greed and fear of one another.

"I am convinced that mutual help, support, taking care of each other and living together are the values that are important for a common Europe and the entire planet right now."

Andreas Mathes 2022

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Maße in cm (BxHxT): 202 x 60 x 75
Werknummer: 162
Aktueller Standort: Werft Korneuburg Am Hafen 2100 Korneuburg
Fotocredits: Andreas Mathes
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